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Allen TX Child Care: Infant Brain Development – The First 14 Weeks

Posted on 02-10-2015 | Dena Soliman


Infant care can be difficult especially considering it is during this stage that your child experiences peak brain development. With Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of West Allen, Texas your experience with your child’s development can be great. From birth, the brain develops in amazing ways. We have put together this piece to help you understand the way in which your infant’s brain is developing and how you can assist and enhance this process.

Birth –three months

The learning that takes place during the first three months of your child’s life will happen at an accelerated pace. Much of this learning is sensory and is based on your child’s need to touch and feel everything, plus an urge to place everything into the mouth. This is because the mouth and hands are the most sensitive parts of your child’s body at this time. Colorful contrasting toys can often help your child’s brain development during this time.

During this stage your child may not be completely mobile but will begin walking by age one. In this early period, your child will figure out the function of their legs and often use them to kick or prod objects nearby. While these kicks might be soft and uncoordinated, your child will be learning and developing many motor skills. The brain, eyes, and legs are all working together and developing seamlessly. Hang a mobile up above your child, and watch as he or she reaches toward it after a while.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of West Allen, Texas understands brain development in your child. We strive to inform parents how to ensure their child’s development is maximized. Contact us now to find out more about your child’s brain development or to enroll in our AdvancED™ accredited program.

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