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Highly Recommend
Both my kids are going to Kidsrkids of West Allen since 2016. Finding a very good daycare and after-school had been a challenge for us since we moved to Texas from Washington. I am sure you will not be disappointed choosing this place. I sent my kids to couple of other daycares before enrolling at KidsRKids and I had to take my kids out of those old daycares due to issues with the staff for their rudeness and ignorance. So it was always a concern for me to find the right place for my kids to whom i leave my kids alone to take care of them, and I was really lucky I found this place. The first visit itself, was very inviting and the staff were exceptional in their service and were very friendly too. I had in some instances where I had to involve the Owner and Director of KidsRKids for some issues, and they always listened to my concerns and would take prompt action. The quality of teaching and non-teaching staff is outstanding, they are very passionate, loving and caring. I would definitely recommend KidsRKids for your kids daycare and after school needs.
Pritish Madhavan
part of our family
From our first tour of Kids R Kids and meeting the teachers and staff, we were sold. The staff had a GENUINE interest in our childrens' well being and development. After a few months at the school we began to feel like we were part of their family. The administrators were welcoming and the teachers seemed to really enjoy being with the children. We have been there for 6 years now (2 kiddos) and still very happy! I have voiced my concerns whenever there were small issues, and the teachers and staff are so wonderful to help correct the situation. I also appreciate that whenever there is even a minor incident (falling down or hitting knee) the school documents it and lets you know by phone call or email. It's amazing to see the educational aspect and constantly hearing them come home and talk about new things they've learned at school. There is really nothing better than watching your own child grow, but add in the workings of Kids R Kids West Allen and you will be more than amazed by the little person that develops. Thank you for being there for us and being part of our family!!!
Sarah Davis
love them like family.
Kids R Kids West Allen has been “home” to my children for the last 5 years. My now 8yo started the program when he was 2. He started kindergarten above grade level and has now been in the gifted program for 3 years in public school. He still loves visiting Kids R Kids for summer camps, school breaks and the occasional afternoon care. He loves the staff like family members and has made lasting friendships with the other children he attends with. My now 3yo started the program at the age of 8 weeks and has received excellent care and education. I couldn’t ask for better people to guide my children on their educational journey and love them like family.
Stephanie Abbott
We love it!
My oldest has been at KRK since he was 2. He has had amazing teachers over his past 5 years at the school. I find it truly amazing all the teachers he's had in each room are still at the school! He is now in the after school program and I can't say enough great things about the fun he has after school and in the summer program! He had a blast on all the fun educational field trips. My youngest is now 3 and has been blessed enough to have most of the same loving teachers as his brother. He absolutely loves going to school to learn with his teachers and friends. We love our school family!
Amber Moore
Relocated and love this place
My family and I relocated to Dallas just under 6 months ago. My husband and I really wanted to make the transition for our three kids as seamless as possible. I toured KRK of West Allen and loved the staff and environment. Our three kids all feel the same and have loved it since day one! With everything involved with moving from starting a new job, new schools, new everything, I am so thankful that KRK helped take our worries away as far as finding a fun, safe learning environment for our kids. The entire staff has been awesome and my kids are always excited to come home and tell us about their day. They span ages 4-7 and I can say that both the pre-K and before/after school programs are wonderful.
Melissa M
I am a father first and foremost....
I now work here in the after school program, but let me tell you...way before I worked here, I was a huge supporter for the management crew and staff. The fact my - now 5 year old - loved coming here and still does...enjoys even the "not super happy choice" days...is a testament to the love and safety he feels here. My 6 month old is here now as well and to watch him thrive in the arms of every single person that he lets pick him up-which is everyone...it is a blessing and sign that this is our home away from home. I couldn't say enough of Dena and family, Krista R and family, Krista K...Nicole, Tina...just all management and staff are all very inviting and as I work here now...I see the eyes of the kids, parents and visitors...that are very much like a huge family here. Love it and wish I had found this place as soon as I got out of the military as I would have loved to open one and emulate KRK West Allen. Awesomeness incarnate.
Joseph Acosta
Kids R Kids family member
Stephanie Abbott, my better half, started working there and it was a battle! The battle was keeping her away from that place when she was off duty. As we all know, as parents, there is no "off duty". She has fallen in love with the crew there: owners (who just happen to be fellow Chicagoans; go Bears!), Director who just as her fellow teachers all have the same spunky zestful playfulness about life and always seem to want to be there and take charge/care of all those little minds. I utterly enjoy my visits up there and to watch these kids grow and advance into little better versions of us before my eyes is a blessing. I am grateful they lean on each other as they do and look forward to a many event that happens as part of the Kids R Kids family.
Joseph Acosta
Like Cheers; your greeted by name and with a smile EVERYTIME
2 years ago my wife and i found ourselves without a daycare provider when our current made the choice to move back to Calif. I visited many daycare centers that just didn't seem to meet my expectations. Although we live in Mckinney, i decided to try our Kids R Kids in Allen, as i had a friend who also lived in Mckinney but had her daughter there as well. i knew as soon as i walked in the door that KRK WA had the potential to be the place that i would entrust the care of my child with. the front desk staff listened to my needs, especially with my schedule, gave me options and all with a "we want to help" attitude. 2 years later, my son will be leaving KRK as he gets ready to go into Kindergarden in the fall. I don't know who will be more sad, me or my son. From the front desk, to the teachers, to the support staff, and the many parents that i see everyone morning...KRK West allen has been part of our extended family and we will miss them. I Highly recommend this facility and the great people who work there.
Ken B
Why we have recruited friends to join us
We have been through four or five different day cares over the course of our kids' lives, and KRK is by far the best. The staff are professional, the curriculum is strong, the facility is nice and the culture is very welcoming. We feel closer to the teachers and the other families than we have at other places, and we know that our kids love it. Krista and the team also do a great job communicating with parents, which is a great blessing. We always feel like we can call them or email them with questions, and they are proactive about telling us things we need to know without us having to ask. We have recruited two other families to join us here, and they both seem to love it. This is a great place.
Jeremy G
I often think how fortunate I have been to have such a wonderful place for my child to spend their time while I have to be at work. Nothing can be more comforting for a working parent, then to know their child is being well cared for by people who have the same values, hopes and dreams for their children as they do. Day care providers are teachers, nurses, counselors and much much more. I would like to thank the entire staff at Kids R Kids for all their hard work and patience with all of the children.
S. Davis
Daycare Worries...
When I first started looking for daycares years ago- this particular location was not complete. My children attended another daycare company up until 2011. All daycare concerns and fears I faced at the other location quickly vanished when we started KRK. The teachers are so attentive and compassionate-- and for the first time since becoming a mother-- I am comfortable with leaving my boys in the care of others. The curriculum is outstanding and each week I see something new they have learned. I would recommend KRK to anyone because we LOVE this school!!
A Klahr - TX
My daughter Zophia loves it!!
I love this school it makes me feel relax when I have to go to work because every time that I pick up my daughter I see her face full of happiness and she tells me all the fun things that she did, she can`t wait to go to school.
Ruth Corona Del Cid - TX
Baby makes three at KRKWA!
I am the very proud Director at Kids R Kids of West Allen, but more importantly I am the crazy mommy of two (almost 3) kids! My two daughters currently attend our school and love every second of it! My oldest is the most vocal. Eventhough she could leave early with her dad or just go straight home after school, she always chooses KRK. My daughter is 7 years old and refuses to miss any of the fun in the "gym" especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when we have Fitness and Karate programs. My 2nd daughter is in the prek program where we have a partnership with Allen ISD. I love the bond between the Allen teachers and our staff! There is no doubt my daughter will be ready to go to Kindergarten! I can`t believe those two will BOTH be in school and I will be starting over! I can`t wait for my son to meet the loving teachers in Suite 100! Overall, I couldn`t ask for a better environment for my children and myself! We love it here!
K.Rodriguez - TX
My home away from home!
My family away from home I can not say enough positives things about this school it is a family. I know the minute I walk through the doors my son is safe, happy and most of all having fun while learning. Everyday he talks about his day and can not wait to go to school the next morning. Sometimes he will even ask to go at night or on the weekends. He calls it the Magic School. It makes going to work a little bit easier every day.
P Dawson - TX
My kids love it!
Yes, I am one of the owners of this school...but aside from that, I am a parent of three children that attend Kids `R` Kids of West Allen. My kids can`t wait to go to school every morning, even the days I go in late to work they are always jumping on the bed trying to get me to go in early! My 7 year old has so much fun in the schooler room and had a blast at all the field trips during Summer Camp. My 4 year old is always interacting with students and is always doing some sort of learning activity while he thinks he is just playing! And last but not least, my little 9 month old who gets spoiled with love from the nurturing infant teachers. All of the babies are so loved and you can always see the babies interacting with each other! We are so blessed to be able to have this opportunity to bring a safe and secure learning environment to the community!
M. Agha - TX
What a great environment!
I can`t say enough good things about Kids R Kids of West Allen. My husband & I are so lucky that my little girl has safe, loving, fun environment to go to every day. It is truly a joy to see the love the teachers and staff have for my child. It makes going to work everyday a little easier for me.
S. Bothelo - TX
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